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The Perry Center program addresses mother and baby as a whole. We understand that walking the journey of pregnancy alone is an overwhelming experience, flooded with emotion. The Perry Center aims to walk beside you through this journey. Anything is possible when you have a village of support in your corner.

The Perry Center Program

We understand that life's circumstances are not always easy, and you may not know where to begin. With The Perry Center Program you will learn invaluable life skills that focus on:


A professionally trained counselor  listens to each woman and gives her honest praise, guidance and support.


You are encouraged to continue your education through your time at the Perry Center. Staff will assist with an education plan, whether that be a public school, alternative school, homebound tutoring or independent studies.

Self Respect & Confidence

The Perry Center Program instills that each young woman is loved, valued and appreciated.

God's Word

We talk to each woman about the basics of prayer, who Jesus is and heavily encourage regular church attendance.


The Perry Center provides Conflict Resolution, Anger Management and Teen-Parent Communication classes. In these classes women will learn that trust grows out of love.

Parenting & Pregnancy

Pregnancy and Parenting classes are taught at the Perry Center by trained staff and other professionals.

Workforce Prep

Residents will learn interview skills as well as basic workforce skills through volunteer hours at Tender Hearts Daycare and other organizations.


In preparation for independent living, as well as for parenting or creating an adoption plan, staff fully explains the responsibilities of parenthood.


Each mother is taught honesty, dependability, cooperation and basic Biblical principles about sexual morality and living a responsible and moral life.

Unexpected pregnancy comes with many difficult decisions. We encourage each mother to make a decision that will lead to a full, productive and loving life for both mom and baby.

Decision Making
Decision Making

We match each mother with a woman who shares similar interests and can be a support and a friend. Many women and their Mentors keep in touch and continue the relationship even after The Perry Center.

Earn & Learn

Our earn while you learn program teaches skills and equips mothers to be successful. As you go through the program, you will earn "baby bucks" that can be used in The Perry Center Baby Boutique.

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