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Impact a Generation

Imagine walking the desolate road of a mother facing an unplanned pregnancy. She has no where to call home, no family support, battling mental health or addiction issues. She's exhausted and at the end of her rope, feeling like she has no way out. These hurting women are who we minister to at The Perry Center.

When you partner with The Perry Center, you transform a generation  by providing a mom with a place where she can experience God's redeeming love. You give her a home and the power to choose life for her and her baby; while equipping her with the tools to succeed.

$75 provides a Home

Facing an unexpected pregnancy can mentally and physically derail a woman. Facing financial burdens and lack of support can cause a woman to give up on herself and her unborn child. Your gift of $75 can give a loving home that empowers a mom to break the chains and be the best person she can be for herself and her baby.


We impact a generation while empowering strong mothers.


Women facing an unexpected pregnancy often feel like there is no other choice other than abortion. At The Perry Center, we want these women to be educated on their options and to know that they can bring a life into the world and have support through her journey. 

The Perry Center is looking for ways to partner with the community in providing young mothers with the knowledge of these resources. We would love to have a resource table at your event or Church one weekend.

If you would like to get The Perry Center resource out into the community, please contact Callie at: 701.241.9289 or


If you are looking to partner with The Perry Center, but are looking for a unique way to do so, we are always looking for personal and business sponsors as well as volunteers during our events! If you have questions about how you can get involved with The Perry Center ministry, please contact Callie at: 701.241.9289 or

Through financial gifts, you have the opportunity to help young expecting mothers break the chains of homelessness, mental illness, addiction and the unknown by providing a loving home and the tools for her success. You can make a one time gift or monthly gifts on our secure Online Giving Page. We do also take payments over the phone or by mail at: 701.241.9289 

Perry Center

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West Fargo, ND 58078

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