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The Perry Center was established by Darold and Patricia Larson in 1986. It sprouted from the heart of a local Christian OBGYN, Dr. David Perry. He felt it was one of his greatest privileges to minister and care for women who faced an unplanned pregnancy. Before Dr. Perry and his wife Judy passed away, they opened their hearts and home to minister to these women and help them choose life. 

"The Perry Center is a place of healing, hope, and new beginnings -- where women can connect with God and prepare for life with baby in a healthy way. We exist to prepare women for motherhood in a place they can find healing, be renewed, and receive new hope for their future."

Rachel Antoine

Program Manager, Perry Center

The Perry Center Program

The Perry Center program addresses mother and baby as a whole. We understand that walking the journey of pregnancy alone is an overwhelming experience, flooded with emotion. The Perry Center aims to walk beside you through this journey. Anything is possible when you have a village of support in your corner.

We understand that life's circumstances are not always easy, and you may not know where to begin. With the Perry Center Program you will learn invaluable life skills that focus on:

The Perry Center program offers counseling with our professionally trained staff, we encourage continuing education, we provide parenting and pregnancy classes so you can learn what pregnancy entails as well as parenting your child. We will also match you with a mentor who shares similar interests and can be a support and friend for you.









Our Facility

The Perry Center is housed at 2355 Meadow Ridge Parkway on the boarder of Fargo and West Fargo. We are conveniently located only blocks away from several shopping centers including grocery stores, discount and thrift stores, restaurants and hotels. The FM Metro Bus system also runs within this area, with a bus stop just out the front door. 

Within The Perry Center facility, each woman will share a room with another resident or can at times have a room to herself. There is a large kitchen/dining area, family room, play area, as well as a laundry room.

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